Mask + Filter Features
  1. What are the different "sandwich" layers in an InkSoc mask?

    • The outer layer is a tightly-knitted polyester fabric.

    • The middle layer is a replaceable fiber filter. Our filters are melt-blown, meaning the fibers are melted together under high heat for maximum impermeability. Our filters are also static, meaning that airborne particles will cling to the filter and not just slide off.

    • The innermost layer is a woven cotton fabric.

  2. Why is the inner layer cotton and the outer layer polyester?

    • Cotton is a more comfortable and breathable material. Polyester is a fine gauge knitted fabric which offers greater protection.

  3. How long does one filter last?

    • It depends on your lifestyle and the area you live. Generally, one filter can last for 3 days. However, if you live in an area with dense population and heavy traffic, they may only last for 1 day.

  4. Why is the opening for the filter so small?

    • To prevent airborne particles from entering​.


Care Instructions
  1. How often should I wash my mask?

    • This also depends on your lifestyle and the area you live. We recommend that you wash it at least once a week.

  2. Are there other ways to clean the masks besides hand washing?​

    • Yes. Take out and dispose the used filter, then use a hair dryer to blow hot air on the mask.

  3. Is the filter washable?​​​

    • No it is not.  The filter catches airborne particles which stay on the filter, so a fresh filter is needed after heavy usage.

  4. Can I put the mask in the ​washing machine or dishwasher?​

    • It is not recommended. However, if you choose to wash the masks through these methods, there cannot be any chlorine in the detergent. The chlorine will remove the protective antimicrobial treatment properties.​​


  1. Can I use other filters with InkSoc's masks?​

    • This is not recommended. Since our masks have a unique 3D cut, it offers large volume to breathe for the user. Other non-3D filters will make the mask flat, causing it to be too close to the user's face.

  2. Can I use other masks with InkSoc's filters?​

    • This is not recommended. The shape of the filter won't fit properly in other masks as these 3D cut filters were specially designed for our 3D cut masks.

  3. Why are the filters so cheap?​

    • We genuinely believe in ​giving affordable access to those who need the masks the most. During this difficult time, we are placing our priority on people's health.

  4. What does "+MD" mean?​

    • "MD" refers to the term "medical doctor", and "+" means extra protection. We believe that people should care for their health, as well as the health of others before visiting a doctor.

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